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About me!

Hi I’m Jules!

My career in the jewelry world started more than 30 years ago when I owned my own bead shop. Of course, living in southern California, my story has a Hollywood twist. Around 2000, I sold a vintage glass Pisces pendant to a Hollywood costume designer, and it ended up on Téa Leoni in the film Family Man. The necklace was a hit and everyone wanted the zodiac necklace Tea wore in the movie.  

Since we only had that one piece, we searched until we found dead stock boxes of these charms. Amazing!   We started selling them in 2000 to boutiques and online.

 That’s where the thrill of discovery was born, and I've been on the hunt for vintage zodiac charms ever since.  One amazing find was at a friend’s bead store, across from Paramount Studios, where I purchased every zodiac piece he had, which were mostly from the 70’s.

 Today I pair these vintage charms with beautiful, modern chains and makes the entire experience interactive. I want people to tell their own stories with their necklaces. And I'm here to help them style it along the way.

 If you are in Southern California, come see me and dig through my trays of gorgeous pieces to create your own!  Can't wait to meet you!